We are able to adjust our programming using the daily data feed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and thereby provide more clean water. Not only do they have a great product, PotaVida is a company that has our end user in mind, and has worked with us to develop a product that works for us and for our beneficiaries.”

”World Concern is really excited about the partnership we’ve had with PotaVida. I’ve got senior leaders saying, ‘Wait, this data is from today? That looks really cool.’
— Chris Sheach, Director of Disaster Response at World Concern
We have been amazed at how the data has come to life during our work with PotaVida. Our field teams are seeing their roles in such a new and passionate way. The trainings became more lively, more interactive and the excitement has continued as our community partners see where they are fitting together even across community lines.”

”Working with PotaVida has provided a new level of understanding of the impacts of our programs. The trainers are enthused by seeing the acceptance rates related to their sessions and are eager to grow and improve. This certainly has an amazing and positive impact on the communities’ achievement of their goals. I’d love to explore wider applications for the PotaVida technology and approach.
— Matt Ellingson, Sr. Director of Operations at World Concern

The staff of our partner organization spoke directly with community members who are using Smart Solar Purifiers in Haiti. These are the summaries of their interviews.


Charles is a 57-year-old lady who lives outside of Jacmel, Haiti, with her husband and their two children.

Charles says that for her, the advent of these water purifiers are a blessing. Occasionally she used to treat water with chlorine, but when she couldn't find or afford it, her and her family members consumed the water without being purified. Ever since she has received the purifiers she constantly used them and feels safe about her health. Charles hopes that the community she’s living in gets more benefit out of this program.


Toussaint, 75, lives in the south of Haiti, outside the city of Jacmel.

Tousaint lives with her husband and their ten children. What she likes the most about the Smart Solar Purifier is how easy it is to use.