PotaVida's Smart Solar Purifier comprises a 10 liter hydration bag with a UV dosage indicator that shows when the water has been disinfected by sunlight. By using solar disinfection (SODIS), a well-known and reliable process, we eliminate the need for replacing filters or chemicals, or external power. Each batch of water is ready in about 5 hours in sunny conditions, or up to 2 days of intermittent sun. The Smart Solar Purifier's shelf life is 5 years and it's designed to last for a year of use, making it an ideal disaster relief supply. To use, simply fill the bag with water, place it in the sun, push the Start button, and wait for the indicator's green LED to show that the water is safe.

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Usage Data Collection - Updated in 2.0!

Best of all, the Smart Solar Purifier records its own usage, which can be transmitted directly to a smartphone by field staff in a few seconds. The captured data are GPS-tagged and stored on the phone until they can be uploaded to our servers for analysis. Our mobile app also displays a usage report on the spot, showing how the purifier has been used over its entire lifetime as well as since the last visit, and even information about a disinfection cycle in progress. 

With this powerful diagnostic information, field staff can have informed and productive conversations with users, strategically focusing on helping users with challenges while encouraging those who are already getting it right.

We believe that tools like this, to provide real-time behavioral feedback, are crucial for tackling the behavior change challenge of getting a population to adopt new health practices. To make sure field staff can get the most from our mobile app, we offer local language translations.

See the newest updates to our mobile data collection and reporting tools in the video below!

Below, examples of data analysis for customized reports.

PotaVida provides analysis, including GPS locations of every household from which data has been collected, water purification over time, and even tracks the visits that staff make to households.

Ongoing Usage Chart 5.png
Ongoing Usage Chart.png