PotaVida captures the complete usage history of every Smart Solar Purifier, which can be uploaded via cell phone to the cloud. PotaVida then gives you customized online analysis of your data, including:
• Total liters of water disinfected
• Number of people served, number of lives impacted
• Changes in usage trends
• Program performance at region, program, and individual site levels

Sample Status Report: Jacmel, Haiti

Granting organizations and donors want data
Grant makers and donors want hard numbers, including data on outcomes, quantitative metrics, and trends. PotaVida gives you this advantage.

We capture and aggregate usage data, and provide the analysis. We enable clear communication of program outcomes to funders, and let you identify best practices to replicate and scale.

PotaVida provides a turnkey solution that integrates data driven program evaluation with cost effective household water purification.