Our offices have been a hubbub of activity over the last months,  and we are delighted to report that the first production Smart Solar Purifiers are now available, just in time for our relief program in Haiti with World Concern!

We are excited to be making final preparations for a two-week trip to Jacmel, in the south of Haiti, where we’ll kick off our pilot test in partnership with World Concern. Together, we will help bring clean, safe water to more than 1800 people in two villages. (World Concern chose this project instead of another opportunity in South Somalia that we initially planned for). While it’s really the hardworking field workers and WASH managers at World Concern who will be running the program, we will be there firsthand both to help and to learn.

We’ve set aside a few Smart Solar Purifiers from the production run to provide as samples to interested institutions, and we started shipping those samples yesterday. If you’d like to try one and aren’t already on our list, drop us a line!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be providing updates and learnings from this important project in Haiti.