The PotaVida team attended the Aid and International Development Forum in Washington, D.C. June 6-8th, where we met with partner World Vision and Melissa Minke from Access Afya. The trip was extremely successful, and we have new partnerships to test our solar disinfection monitors in Kenya and Ghana. The team also took a few hours to see some sights and take photos.

PotaVida Team in D.C.Photo by Rick Roxburgh

Just after returning to MIT from the DC conference, Dr. Linnes was again on a plane, this time to Narobi, Kenya. There she worked with Melisa Menke, founder of Access Afya, which is building health clinics in the Mukuru slum in Nairobi. Currently, families in Mukuru have to pay for water daily from an untrusted water source piped in from outside the slum. Once Access Afya clinics are up and running, Access Afya would like to use the PotaVida monitor to ensure safe, solar-disinfected water is provided to patients, and to teach these same patients how to disinfect water in their homes.

Back in Seattle, the PotaVida monitor is being featured as a part of Global Health Month at the Next50 Celebration in Seattle. We are featured in the Experience Global Health Exhibit. The ribbon cutting was on July 2nd, and the exhibit is open to the public as of July 3rd. Come see our monitors in person! Ribbon CuttingMaking Water Safe Display