Funding and Partners As a start-up we are always seeking partners and funding- this month we got both!  PotaVida is very pleased to announce that the MIT D-Lab awarded PotaVida a seed grant for field testing and market research over the next 9-12 months.  The D-Lab is a group that focuses on developing and disseminating humanitarian technologies in developing countries.

Also coming from our partnership with D-Lab is a new collaboration with Cooper-Perkins, a technology and product development company that has offered pro-bono design work to PotaVida.  We are very excited to be working with their team of mechanical and electrical engineers!

Next Generation Prototypes

We have begun production of a small batch of prototypes funded by this grant.  We have ordered the new boards, and are working with World Vision to integrate these monitors into some of their existing disaster relief products.  We’ll keep you up to date on how this progresses.

Microbiological Testing in the Field

Finally, Fundación SODIS, a Bolivia-based NGO which coordinates solar water disinfection training in Latin America will be including our prototypes in upcoming microbiological testing, which will provide an external validation of the efficacy of our product.

Thanks for reading!

-The PotaVida Team