Graphic designer Sam Dawson heard about PotaVida in late December. Sam was impressed with the idea, enough to volunteer his time and skills to design a logo. Due to travel and busy schedules we didn't get a chance to meet with Sam until last week. Over a couple of mugs of coffee at Voxx on Eastlake we met to discuss logo ideas. We started simply with a list of ideas: 1) Sun 2) Water 3) Helping the poorest of the poor 4) We are making progress

From those we tightened our concept to a key phrase: "Safe water with certainty".

We think that captures the essence of PotaVida: taking away the uncertainty of the SODIS process. In fact, we liked it so much we made it our new motto.

Sam took our motto, and the two hour conversation and created not one but 5 logos. Now we need to choose between these logos. And we need your help.

You can contribute your thoughts and make suggestions on each of the proposed logos at our FaceBook page. The logos are in the photos section and you can add comments there.

Thanks for your feedback, and thanks to Sam Dawson for his valuable contribution!


edit: We've added the logos to this website as well. You can click on the “Logo” tab to see the options. Any comments or insights that you have you can share in the comments section of the Logo tab.